Holdfast Hotel

The Southern Fried Belle - not the most amazing looking burger, but its seriously great

A question. How many burgers do you think is too many on a pubs menu? 5? 8? Certainly double figures, for a pub, seems a bit silly. Even a burger bar pushing beyond the mid teens is maybe crossing into the ‘are you serious’ category.

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Top 50 Food Blogs in Australia

Courtesy of Rebates Zone comes the following infographic around the Australian food blog ‘scene’, the breakdown of content, motivation factors and of course, the list of top 50 food blogs to follow in Australia. Happily, we have somehow snuck onto the list at number 38! But aside from finding some new pages to check out, the breakdown of topics etc ...

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Burger Theory – Butter Chicken Burger (November No.3)


Butter chicken. Beef patty. Burger. The same burger. Hmmmm….. We love Indian food, don’t get me wrong. Cooking some great curries from scratch is one of the highlights of the colder months of the year, so we fully appreciate the flavours and balance that goes into these creations. Served on a burger, with a beef patty though? Are you sure? ...

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Recipe – British Beef & Stilton Burger


It’s quite interesting in a way to think that the British didn’t come up with a burger well before it was apparently first constructed in the USA. The poms are, after all, famous for their pubs, with the ‘local’ being seen as the hub of many a village and town across England and indeed the UK. The food served in ...

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Do Duck Inn – Minted Lamb Burger


There is just something special about stumbling across a little place, tucked away in a side street. Rather than just treading the path well worn by the masses, you are a food explorer, a pioneer, the Burke and Wills of the Adelaide food scene, going bravely where few choose to venture. Shining light upon those languishing in the shadows of ...

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Up Market Burgers – A Short Guide

Jamie's Burger in all its glory

The idea of going to a genuinely classy restaurant and getting a burger is something that probably would have been scoffed at not too long ago. It would have meant that either a) it wasn’t that good after all, or b) they were trying to dumb the menu down a bit to appease the unwashed masses (at which time you ...

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Delicatessen Kitchen & Bar – NYC Cheeseburger


18 June 2015 Delicatessen kitchen and bar is neatly sprawled behind an innocent corner doorway adjacent Waymouth place. Their website tells us the owners and operators were former staff of The Treasury which in our view is a beautiful venue offering superb food.  Have these guys paved the way to bigger and better things?  Well (spoiler alert) purely from a ...

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The Glasshouse Hotel – Glasshouse Burger


The Glasshouse is a relatively new place down the eastern end of Gouger Street. We had walked past it a few times before we ventured inside, and its a little difficult to work out what it is trying to be. The name has hotel in it – which makes it sound like a pub. The look of it implies a ...

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