The Glasshouse Hotel – Glasshouse Burger


The Glasshouse is a relatively new place down the eastern end of Gouger Street. We had walked past it a few times before we ventured inside, and its a little difficult to work out what it is trying to be. The name has hotel in it – which makes it sound like a pub. The look of it implies a ...

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Hotel Tivoli – Cheeseburger


The Tivoli has undergone another facelift and with it a change in direction on their menu. The quasi Mexican/Spanish amalgamation of yesteryear has, along with the dark moody front bar, been revamped into a more contemporary modern Australian menu with a bright area to match. It has always been a nice place to grab a beer and some food, although ...

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Judge for a Day – What it was like to be scoring a burger competition

The influence of a television show such as Masterchef is felt on many levels. One such area is the price of secondary cuts of meat have gone up significantly, as it has become more popular to be slow cooking (or pressure cooking). This is a soapbox moment for another time, but when you are looking to make burgers from cuts ...

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Bread & Bone – Three Little Pigs


We had been watching the hits ticking over towards the milestone mark of 100k for the last couple of weeks. Knowing that it was imminent, we made hasty arrangements for a celebratory lunch in anticipation that it would take place that morning. When we left the office it was a few short still, but having pulled up at the bar ...

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SA Pub Burger Challenge – Finalists Announced

One of the finalists for the prize - it certainly stands out!

The SA Pub Burger Challenge is down to the pointy end, with the semi final having been run and the finalists decided. In the next few days we will go into a bit more detail exactly what it is like to be a burger judge, and be presented with a list of 31 burgers that you need to sample and ...

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Burgerland at the Hackney – Wagyu Burger


Let’s just get one thing out there – you would think, being a burger blog, we would have made our way to a place called “Burgerland”, like bees to a honey pot, as soon as we knew of its existence. Throw in the fact they won best pub burger in 2013, and you would naturally assume we would be all ...

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Chicken & Pig – Pork Panini


As the growth in Adelaide eateries continues seemingly unabated, the previously largely overlooked strip of Pirie Street has seen the opening of 3 new venues in a short space of time. Oggi, a pasta and wine bar; Abbots and Kinney, a bakery/patisserie; and now the subject of this post, the simply titled Chicken and Pig.

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Low & Slow American BBQ – Brisket Burger


Brisket, and by this I mean smoked brisket, is very much an American institution. Having said that, I realise that they didn’t invent smoking of meat to cook it, as that honour goes to Reginald Spotwith of the Cotswold region of England, who accidently achieved this process in 1653*. ‘Mericans have very much taken this style of cooking to their ...

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Jamie’s Italian – Jamie’s Italian Burger


From the Menu – Chargrilled beef burger with melted fontina cheese in a brioche bun with fried onion rings and grilled mortadella – $21 The fanfare that surrounded the opening of Jamie’s Italian in Adelaide was considerable. The redevelopment of the old bank building, located at 2 King William Street in the CBD, was in the news all over the ...

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The Taxpayer – Lionel Richie


So another burger of the month, another trip to The Taxpayer. On paper too, this really was shaping up nicely, with a multitude of elements in there which to my minds palate were all singing from the same songbook. From the menu: Lionel Richie – Braised lamb slow cooked in pomegranate juice, haloumi, sweet potato ribbons, baby spinach, house made ...

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