Mlkman – Service Pre-Launch


Picture this scenario – week night, tired, hungry. Don’t have much food in the house, and couldn’t be bothered going shopping. Getting something delivered comes to mind, but commercial pizza pretty much your only option, and you want something better. Its not a difficult scenario to imagine, as I am sure we have all been there, probably many times. Why ...

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Food Trucks – Adelaide’s latest endangered species


Over the last couple of years we have witnessed some back and forth in general media circles surrounding the existence and impact of food trucks in Adelaide. This centred around both the influence on the culture and vibrancy of the city, but also apparently the negative impact they were having on existing businesses. Indeed, we wrote a response to this ...

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David Changs Burger Manifesto – A Response


It was with a degree of casual bemusement that we saw the story breaking across Australian news sources. Essentially, an American chef whom the vast majority of the population has never heard of before – and therefore have no ability to judge if his opinion is something we should be taking seriously or not – had the barefaced audacity to ...

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The Taxpayer – Marc Anthony


Marc Anthony – Beef patty with twice cooked spiced bean mix, house pickled jalapenos, corn chips, guacamole, iceberg lettuce and spicy nacho cheese sauce. $16 (with chips and a pint $25.50) The Taxpayer did something different for the month of July – they threw the virtual kitchen doors open, invited their Facebook fans in and enticed them to throw some ...

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Delectaballs – Cheeseburger


From the menu – mozzarella stuffed Coorong Angus Beef meatballs, layered with a slice of cheddar cheese, house made tomato ketchup, pickles, American mustard and iceberg lettuce all on a toasted bun – $12

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Seven Stars Hotel – Foghorn Leghorn (June challenger)


From the menu - Grilled southern style chicken breast, roasted tomato, red onion, lettuce, basil pesto and ranch dressing. Served with chips and with a pint - $20, or upgrade to sweet potato fries for an extra $2. The Seven Stars hotel is, not surprisingly, exactly as we found it… Seven Stars Hotel – Foghorn Leghorn (June challenger) Seven Stars ...

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