Bridgewater Inn – Deneary Burger

An impromptu dinner out lead us to the wine watering hole at Bridewater. Having not quite ordered a burger from here in the past – it was a simple decision to be made on this evening. It is a pub of wonderful character and a favourite of mine in the Adelaide region, but how are their burger making skills? Read on to find out…

Bridgewater Inn - Deneary Burger

Venue and Service
The Bridgewater Inn is an iconic pub situated next to the historic Bridewater Mill, the home of Petaluma Wines. I could plagiarize their website to give you some details on their history. Thiss would make for a very interesting fill and make my job of  in the beginning of the review that much easier. But I will refrain, and simply point you in the direction of the relevant page on the website, and simply say they have a history going back over 150 years.

It is a very cool place though, and somewhere we have frequented on a few occasions. On this fine evening we decided to sit outside on the deck, but there are a variety of options on where to locate yourselves both in and around the pub. The service was, and always is, extremely friendly and welcoming. You are most definitely felt welcomed into the pub and everything you ask of the staff is greeted with a smile. Top marks here.

The Burger
From the menu
Deanery burger – $17.90
250g beef pattie, cheese, bacon, fried egg, red onion, tomato, lettuce, Beerenburg tomato chutney and aioli. Served with chips.

The Pattie
I will just cut to the chase here – this was terribly overcooked. It was completely dry, and being finely minced, this seemed to exaggerate this further. As some kind of up side though, there was some nice charring on the pattie which did bring that slight smoky flavour to the ensemble. The beef also had good flavour, but yeah…it was really sifting through the chaff for the wheat on this one.

The burger arrived as per menu – and it looked a treat all together. The egg was runny and the yolk was running down the side of the burger, the rest of the veggies were super fresh and the bacon was beautifully flavoured. The cheese was ???????????? <need to see pic>. The aioli on the roll was creamy and light and helped bring all the flavours together nicely.

The chutney was present in two places – both a little being on the burger and some more served in a ramekin on the plate with the chips. However, in order to counteract the dryness of the pattie, and to bring some more fantastic beerenberg flavour through to the burger, I piled some of the ramekin contents onto the pattie. And what a difference that made!

The roll was…<need to see pic>

Sides were chips and a ramekin of aioli. The chips were thick cut and pretty decent, although perhaps a little under-seasoned. The chutney was, in a word, amazing. Enough said.

Given the size and overall quality of the meal, and being served it out on their deck with a couple of beers on a summers evening, $17.90 suddenly because excellent value indeed.

The funny thing about this burger is that if you compare it with something like an offering from Fancy Burger (to pick on them for a minute) then its easy to think it should come up well short. Not everything was quite as it should be – although I don’t doubt the pattie could be cooked a lot better – but it still shows inconsistency. But you know what – it doesn’t really matter. It is like the flaw’s in this are actually good things, as it serves to highlight what has been done really well.

The bottom line is that the Bridgewater offers up very decent, hearty pub food. The Deneary Burger typified this as it was a bit raw, a bit more rustic, with a few rough edges that could potentially be polished up. However, at it’s core it is all about the flavour, and on this front what I was given delivered this in spades. Sure, it wasn’t perfect and the patty really did leave itself open to criticism, but it got away with it purely on the grounds that it tasted so good.

The Bridgy as a destination is highly recommended indeed. And while you are here, should the mood take you, then yes, get the burger. It’s not quite worth driving there purely to order it, but you would drive away entirely content if you did.

Score – 8.2



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