The Stag

The Stag – Triple Bacon Burger

Note – The Stag is no more, having closed its doors earlier in 2015. This was a sad and sobering event, and showed that no business, no matter how iconic, can survive on good will alone. It has been announced though that it will be reopening later in the year, trading as “Fat Stag”. We will be through the doors ...

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The Stag – Jucy Lucy Special (Double Bacon & Cheese & Cheese)

I joined my colleague last Monday in an effort to see exactly what the deal with this burger was.  There are currently eight varieties of this puppy on offer at The Stag, Mondays only for a special price of $19.90.  My colleague covered most of the other aspects about the venue and the like so I shall cut to the ...

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The Stag – Jucy Lucy Special (Calabrese)

So just to cut to the chase and answer the question you are all asking, the story is you get some meat – shape it into a pattie but keep it hollow in the middle – and then fill it with cheese (and other goodies) so that when it cooks its all melted and stuff. Genius! Or is it….

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