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I’ve been back here a few times now.  Unfortunately for me and everyone else who lives over the other side of town – it’s not exactly a quick meal solution.  As you will see however, we recommend you make the trip as often as you possibly can.

Pictured here with the sesame roll. My preference is the white damper.

As mentioned, this was about my 5th visit, the first few being accompanied by the type of hangover that could only be matched by something you’d see in a similarly titled Hollywood film.  I thought best re-visit the venue to properly collect my thoughts and do a decent review.  I placed my order for the “eNuf Burger” and figured best see if lightning does indeed strike twice (or three or four times) in the same place.

The Venue, Staff & Service.

There are two enuf burger bars – one at Glenelg and one at Brighton.  Having only visited the Glenelg venue on Anzac Highway I can clearly only comment on that one.

The menu is extensive with a range of burgers appealing to all kinds of tastes and moods.  7 varieties of chicken, 6 varieties of beef, 2 of lamb, 2 of fish, 2 of veg and 8 breakfast options.  Awesome. Variety is the spice of life some say.  Needless to say, there shall be a few more up and coming reviews on various different menu items.

For the purposes of today’s visit, I have chosen a fairly standard ‘beef enuf’ which has what we would consider to be your ‘standard’ burger trimmings – beef, cheese, caramelized onion, bacon, egg lettuce, tomato, relish & mayo.

The Burger

Meat Patty

This thing is great. It’s the right size and it works in a team with the other ingredients to make your burger experience exactly what you left the house for – nothing short of amazing.  Having had a few now, I am reasonably confident in saying that the mince appears to be a custom grind. That is to say – the opposite of anything mainstream you would ordinarily purchase from a meat wholesaler for example.  It’s got a wonderful strong fresh flavour with minute but ideal traces of garlic, onion and herbs through it.  You know it’s there but it doesn’t drown the other ingredients and vice versa.

Fillings & Roll

Choices of roll? You’ve got four. All the time. There’s my personal favourite – The White damper, sesame and a wholemeal. There’s also a gluten free item for $1.50 extra.

The rest of the fillings? Fresh and tasty. Simple and brilliant. As I was saying about the patty, this is a team effort so the flavours are there working together and nothing is overpowering.

Sauce? “Home Made Tomato Sauce” and Mayo.  As I write this and no doubt as you are reading it, you’ll notice a theme emerging here. It just works. It’s got tomato flavour, it’s got tang and a tiny hint of spice. Spot on.


Again, winning.  The chips are nothing short of perfect in my opinion. You can get a combo deal with chips and a drink for $4 small and $5 regular.

Now, I have to take moment out here and give a special mention to the dipping sauces. There are a number of different types on the menu which I won’t list, but I’ll say that I’ve tried the garlic aioli and the chilli lime aioli AND THEY WERE AMAZING. Seriously.


My burger set me back $11.90 + I went with the small combo so $15.90 in total. I will mention too that the ‘small’ chips really aren’t that small either. Given the quality of this offering, I’m saying the value is on the money… so to speak. You will leave very satisfied and in my opinion this is money well spent.


So you’ve read my thoughts above and now you’re seriously beginning to wonder whether or not this place has quietly shoved a green coloured bank note in each of our pockets for this raving review.  You’d be wrong. You’d also be wrong in making any kind of decision to avoid coming here.

I will mention here though as I hadn’t covered it before – don’t bother coming if you’re in a hurry.  Now, I understand all the burgers are hand made to order (the meat goes on the grill after you’ve handed over your hard-earned.) But in all honesty, if you’ve got somewhere to be or on a tight schedule, I can assure you that you will most definitely be late. Having said that, you’ll be late but very full, very satisfied and very happy.

Total – Nine Point Four.

For some reason their facebook page is set up as a person – find them here


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  1. Those chips are making me salivate – and I love an egg on a burger. Looks delicious!

  2. The people who run Enuf Burger Bar, also run Fresh@Finniss Cafe in Marion (Not the Westfield Shopping Center “In Marion”, that’s in Oaklands Park, you’ll find this wedged on Finniss street between Marion Road and Westfield, turn right at the Caltex).

    They also run the Boatshed Cafe in Hallett Cove.
    I was regular to F@F when I worked in the area, their Raspberry and White Chocolate muffins are to die for, and their Ragin’ Cajun Chicken, known as a “number 5” is bloody fantastic.

    I went to Enuf Burger Bar a few times when they opened, the last time I went we had a mince patty on a burger that was still reasonably pink inside. The problem with this being is that a lot of bacteria resides in minced beef when not cooked all the way through. This can impose a health threat, food poisoning or salmonella at the worst. We showed the staff to which we were offered “another burger”. If they couldn’t get it right the first time, I wouldn’t want another one. They offered us a free one at another time and took our name, but haven’t been back since. We didn’t feel it was dealt with in a great matter.

    It’s not to say they make bad burgers, we’ve had several good ones before. But it did leave a bitter taste in our mouth with how it was dealt with, we weren’t even given something that we could take back to entitle us to the free burger. Although I doubt we will go back.

    • Interesting point regarding the pink middle. We actually prefer this. We agree there is greater risk of nasties hanging around in ground beef, however if so long as the meat is fresh it should never be a problem. No different to having a rare or medium rare steak really. It will come down to the quality of the mince and how fresh it is. Burger Theory will frequently have a pink middle but i have no reason to question the quality of their mince as it is always ground fresh quality meat from Feast!
      Once again, as with steak, it will simply come down to personal preference. No excuses for bad service though! :) Thanks for your comment.

    • Not sure what more you would have liked them to do?

  3. re: minced meat not cooked enough being dangerous. If you buy minced beef from your local supermarket then yes cook the heck out of it but people who make decent burgers will either buy their meat and grind it themselves or get someone else to do it fresh. It’s not going to be thawed tacky mince served medium, it’s simply steak minced up. So it’s FINE to eat as red as possible. Ask for one well-done as you would a steak if that’s your thing but if not, wait until you get sick before going on about all the risks.

  4. What a little gold mine this blog is! I just discovered it today as I was searching for a place to get a good hamburger in Adelaide. After much research (reading your blog) I decided on Enuf. My son had the Caesar Hamburger and was very impressed. My daughter and I had the bubble and squeak vego burger. I wasn’t anticipating the indian type flavour … but the burgers were delicious and HUGE! We had them on a wholemeal bun. I could only get through half. My husband had the enuf burger – he thought it was just above average. The chips … you are right … delicious. Onion rings … delicious. All in all, a great venue, good service and I think quite good value for money.
    So glad I found this site. Until next time …

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