Fancy Burger – Crispy Bacon and Cheese

Fancy Burger have long been a favourite on the Adelaide Burger scene with their store in Blackwood. This has garnered rave reviews online and when Burger Me have visited there – on the down low, no reviews as you would be aware – we have come away feeling generally positive. They have now branched out into the CBD, so we felt it was our duty to quickly undertake some recon and let you – our dear friends and followers – know how this new venue measures up.

Fancy Burger Crispy Bacon & cheese

The Venue and Service
The Fancy Burger CBD venue is tucked away, almost hidden down the end of Synagogue Place, off Rundle Street, in Adelaide’s east end. Its got a very minimalist decore, with some funky colours, stools etc. The floor is polished concrete, the light bulbs are amazing, and the numbers you are given (for your order) are trophy’s. Its all very modern, very chic, perhaps a little ‘Melbourne hipster’ in its feel, but generally it is quite cool. Its quite a small space inside, but there is a few outdoor seats aswell. Overall, an interesting and pleasant place to spend your time.

The service was very friendly, with plenty of smiling faces greeting us and a genuine welcoming vibe. Our order was quickly taken and promptly delivered, as we luckily beat the steady flow of patrons that streamed in during our time there.

The Burger
From the Menu
Crispy Bacon and Cheese – 100% South Aussie beef, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, herby mayo, salad, relish – $11.50

The Patty
The patty was flavoursome with some good charring on the beef, some nice seasonings in there and it was cooked pretty well. About half the patty had some pink in there which was nice to see. It was a fairly fine grind with good flavour and a nice thickness – not too much, but not too little.

Fillings and Roll
Everything came out as per the menu and was more or less exactly as you would expect. The tomato looked super fresh, the lettuce was nice and crisp looking, and the fresh spanish onion added a nice zing. The bacon was crispy as  promised, the cheddar cheese was nicely melted, while the herb mayo and relish were the saucy inclusions. All very nice.

The roll was a seeded wholemeal roll, somewhat in the brioche style. It had good flavour, looked good, but perhaps wasn’t at it’s freshest today, but that could be wrong. Tasty, decent, held together, did the job.

Tall chips and smoked chilli mayo were the sides of choice which we shared and they were exceptional. The mayo was fantastic and arguably the most memorable part of the whole thing. The chips were a good quantity for the two of us, but not what you would call overly generous.

$11.50 for the burger, $4.80 for the chips and $1.50 for the dipping sauce brings you to $18.80 for the lot, which is very much in pub burger territory. The burger was a good lunch size and importantly manageable to eat. The chips as I said were suffucuent to share, but not exceptional in quantity, but it was still acceptable value.

This is a bit of a funny one. As you can see from above, there really was nothing to pick fault with. The service was good. The burger was solid and exactly as you would expect from the menu. The flavours were all pretty much there, it looked pretty good and all the ingredients were fresh and did their job well. The venue is cool and the value is acceptable.

It was all good, all acceptable and there was nothing wrong with it at all. But where was the “wow”? Where was the “seriously, you just have to try this!”? It was very solid, very well presented but just feels….a bit restrained. I enjoyed it very much, but I didn’t love it. I wanted too, I really did. Perhaps I was expecting a bit too much, but it just didn’t quite do it for me. But this wont stop me going back to try some of their other offerings.

Score – 8

Fancy Burger Website

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