The Colonist – Chicken Ceaser Burger

The Colonist – Chicken Caesar Burger

Again, after much debate about where our next burger would come from, a Friday night dinner selection was made – The Colonist on the Parade at Norwood. Having heard good things we were keen to get in and check things out for ourselves.

 The Venue, Staff & Service.

The Colonist is a trendy little pub on the corner of The Parade and Sydneham Road in Norwood.  I am quite a fan of the venue as it has a great relaxed vibe about it.  The patrons are generally well-mannered people and I always feel as if every person in there at any given time could be best friends.  The Colonist carries Adelaide Hills Cider which is a +1 for me and also has quite an evolved wine list.  A cool (pun?) feature is the ice chandelier above the front bar.

The Colonist has three burgers on offer – Chermoula Lamb, Chicken Caesar & Vego.  It was just the two of us this evening so my colleague ordered the lamb and I went with chicken. (Some veg reviews are coming soon, we promise!)

The Burger

 Meat Patty

This will be our second chicken burger review! Obviously in place of mince, tonight we have a chicken fillet.  There isn’t much to cover here as this was a fairly basic burger.  The chicken was simply seasoned and grilled. It was a fairly thin looking fillet – maybe a cm at the thickest point, which I found interesting- but welcoming. You have to be careful with chicken as it’s easy to dry out and then all you do is spend the night chewing.  This one was pretty well cooked spot on, not dry and obviously not underdone which is bad territory in the land of poultry.  Given the style of burger, no complaints but overall maybe could have used something more.  See Summary.

Fillings & Roll

The roll was excellent. A floured white bap, fresh as anything. Well played.

The fillings of the chicken caesar burger essentially mirrored what you would find in your garden variety ceaser salad.  Cos lettuce, bacon, egg, ceaser dressing (and even anchovies!)

No complaints about any of the fillings. Well, except the bacon was a little disappointing. Chicken and bacon go extremely well together in my opinion and  in this instance I think the bacon team was getting let down by this player.  There was little flavour or evidence to remind you it’s there – apart from seeing it.  I don’t often go to places to simply look at food though.  Otherwise, the cos was actually a really nice change to all the usual greens I’m used to finding in burgers, so that was a really cool feature.  The egg was simply fried and well done – so no runny yolk.  I felt a runny yolk could have lifted the burger somewhat.  We are essentially talking about a caesar salad in a bun here.

I’m torn over anchovies. I actually neglected to notice they were included on the menu when ordering – not that it would have changed my mind, however. I’m glad they were in there. The burger was definitely plain Jane. The anchovies gave a much needed flavour kick.  The good thing was it wasn’t just a kick of salty fish – it truly brought to life the caesar element.


A small ramekin stuffed with chips, served at about 950 billion degrees. I sit here writing this with the tip of my tongue aching just a little.  Chips were good though, maybe could have just had a couple more.


$19 is pretty standard coin for a pub burger in my experience so far. Given the content of the burger and rather small serving of chips, would have been more happy paying say around $16-17 for this.


Ive just had another quick look at the online menu and noted the bacon is meant to be a Hahndorf sourced item.  Not sure about tonight.  In saying that, I don’t proclaim myself to be some sort of bacon connoisseur.  I simply mean that I’ve had Hahndorf bacon before, and I often go a long way out of my way to buy it and use at home -and this didn’t remind me of it at all.

What we’ve got here is clearly and plainly what the menu indicates – a caesar salad in the form of a burger.  I think the overall concept is cool but unfortunately I wasn’t overly excited by this example.  It was indeed acceptable and I would probably go another one as a light spring or summer lunch perhaps.  It was overall quite plain and lacked flavour.  Without the anchovies to lift it, I would have been quite disappointed.  It is pretty much the sauce that makes the whole experience with a caesar salad otherwise you’re pretty much just eating some rabbit food and a piece of chicken.


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  1. could you please put top 10 somewhere, also with date burger was tried

    thanks :)

  2. Looks really tasty, but “Caesar,” not “Caeser” please.

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