The Locavore – Wagyu Loca-Burger

The Locavore – Wednesday special – Wagyu Loca-Burger

This was my first experience at The Locavore (Local-eater), a long time coming I must say.  My colleague who is a hills dweller had informed me on many previous occasions of The Locavore’s existence.  The Locavore lives by the principles of the 100 Mile Diet – that is – all produce is sourced within a 160km radius of the venue.



The Venue, Staff & Service.

The concept upon which this restaurant is based really does strike a chord with me, I must admit.  As stated above, everything on the menu, including the wine list is sourced from within a 160km radius of Stirling, South Australia.  I shall leave you a moment to think about what that encompasses.  Sure, It’s not a massive area, but it sure does incorporate pretty much a super concentrated drop of some of the best South Australia has to offer.  I could go on, but we’re here to talk about burgers.

The venue is medium sized and split level. There is ample room and there is seating outside with some umbrellas.  Right now, it’s the end of May. Stirling is truly beautiful. The streets are lined with massive trees blanketed in deep red autumn leaves. The colour and general feel of the place is sensational.  We were greeted and tended to by a young lad who gave the impression he really did enjoy what he was doing.  In my opinion for a young man in his low 20’s to be enjoying work on a freezing Wednesday night – that is impressive.  There was initially a little confusion with regard to our orders, but we decided to overlook the issue as it really wasn’t that big of a deal.

The Burger

Meat Patty

Wagyu.  This is a term which seems to get thrown around a lot lately.  Apparently, Hungry Jacks use this beef, as well as Subway.  You know what? I doubt it.

Anyway – Wagyu – translated – literally means ‘Japanese Cow’. Yes, I can hear you saying “I thought produce for The Locavore is meant to only come from within 160km of Stirling?”  Apparently The Australian Wagyu Association is the largest breed association outside Japan and we’ve got plenty here in South Australia.  So there you have it.  One thing I can tell you about these Australian Japanese Cows, is that they are extremely tasty.

The patty is a good size.  It is prominent in the burger and it’s got great beef flavour. It was quite a fine grind of mince which usually lends itself to revealing additives.  This didn’t appear to have any apart from some minimal seasoning.  Cooked perfectly on the grill (adding flavour) it was ever so slightly pink in the centre.  We are impressed.

Fillings & Roll

The roll was a fresh and floured white bun. It had an overall soft texture and had been toasted on the inside. No complaints.

The rest of the Loca-burger is comprised of bacon, salad (baby spinach + tomato), ‘locavore’ roast beetroot and horseradish sauce with tomato chutney and cheese.

The bacon had wonderful taste. I suspect it could have been a Kanmantoo item in fact.  The salads were fresh and crisp. What else could you expect from fresh produce that’s probably been picked from just down the road somewhere? The tomato may actually have been a tad under-ripe.

I’ll take a moment to dwell on the sauce.  Going in, my colleague and I weren’t sure what to expect from this number.  It certainly sounds impressive. We just weren’t sure what to make of the horseradish.  In any event, you’ll be pleased to know it’s wonderful. Beetroot is generally quite a potent flavour in my experience. In this, it’s as cool as a cucumber. It subtly sits in the background and massages all the other flavours together.


Something a little different here.  “Sterling Stirling Spuds” is how they are described on the menu. Pretty cool really. Rough wedge chopped baby potatoes, skins on, cooked nicely with a sprinkling of what seemed to be Murray River Pink Salt Flakes and a garnish of fresh chive.  Very rustic appeal and very much fit the theme of The Locavore and complimented the burger nicely.  There was also a small dipping sauce (tomato) which my colleague and I instantly agreed we thought was sourced (pun?) from Beerenberg Farms.


We must point out here that we attended (on purpose) on a Wednesday, which is advertised by The Locavore as their burger special day. $15 will get you the aforementioned burger and potatoes and a choice of either a beer, cider or house wine.  That, in our opinion, is pretty sweet value.  And of course – all the local beer, wines and ciders are genuinely amazing, so you can’t lose really.


I had trouble coming up with a summary for this one.  I couldn’t really fault the burger as it was.  We didn’t think it needed improving at all because it executed its purpose without a single complaint.

It was indeed a very tasty offering, comprised of local produce from the Adelaide Hills and surrounds, and it was outstanding value with the beverage. (Normal Price $18.90 plus drinks)

While we thought the beetroot and horseradish sauce was good, it was very mild. We wondered whether or not the experience could have been lifted with perhaps a lashing of mayo or indeed some grilled onions.  My colleague also added some extra seasoning to his burger.

Even if you aren’t in the mood for a burger we recommend you get over to The Locavore in any event and support your local produce industry.

Total – 8.2

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